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Every memorable speech does two things for its audience - entertains and inspires action


 Take back control of your life 

with one sheet of paper

Modern adult life can be overwhelming and uninspiring. We get stuck in a rut at work, at home and in our relationships. We spend our days rushing between tasks we feel we should be doing rather than those we want to do. Nick was just like you until he took back control of his life and rediscovered his own direction and purpose. In this inspiring, no-nonsense presentation, he will teach you how to get clear on what you want out of life and create a one-page map to take you there.

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talk2_Why you’re not achieving your goal

 Why you’re not achieving  your  goals 

and how to fix it

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do? If you could achieve one goal in the next week, month or year – what would it be? We know we need goals for our careers, our finances, our health but they are always so hard to find the time and stick to. If this is true – you’re definitely doing it wrong. With real world examples - Nick will explain how you’ve been doing goals wrong all your life.

He’ll dismantle your existing beliefs about goal setting and give you a simple three step method you can implement to today to start achieving success.

Also available as a 90 minute interactive workshop

 Finding time 

the secret power of a morning routine

We all have the same number of hours in our day. Even the most successful CEOs, business men or movie stars are stuck with just 24 hours. The thing that sets successful people apart – is how they use that time. If you spend it on the couch watching TV or endlessly scrolling through your phone do you really expect to live the life of your dreams? In this hard hitting “wake-up” call, Nick explains how real achievers create time in their day. How to achieve massive results before the rest of the world is even awake and how to carry that momentum through your whole day

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 Pick up the pen 

small habits of great leaders

Most people don’t understand leadership. They think it’s something for board rooms, sports fields or political offices. They describe it with words like “visionary” and “inspirational” but can’t tell you what it actually is or - more importantly – how to do it!


In this straight-talking speech, Nick will explain that leadership isn’t complicated and is actually a vitally important life skill for us all to master. With amusing real-world examples, he’ll share the subtle things that great leaders do differently and how you can start using them today to become the leader you are destined to be.

Also available as a 90 minute interactive workshop


 The edge of their seat  

how to captivate your distracted audience

Despite the convenience of indirect communication like texts and emails - the modern world is still a place where direct communication is vital for success. If you want to start a business, grow your career or even get a date, you have to be able to talk to others in a personable way. In fact with all the noise and digital distractions its more important than ever that your message is engaging and holds your audience's attention.

Nick will draw on nearly three decades of public speaking experience to give you some essential  tips and tricks that will enable you to wow and woo others like never before!

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